How to get Streaming TV ?

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Streaming TV, also known as Web TV, Internet TV and IPTV is a way to get Network TV shows, Movies, YouTube Videos and the growing number of other video sources on to your TV set via a high speed internet connection.  Previously you needed a computer to view internet delivered content. But today Streaming TV players are built into most blu-ray players, and there are several dedicated Streaming Players that are very inexpensive, easy to connect up to your TV and easy to use. ( See a list of some available Streaming Players below.  )  Many new TV sets now are coming with built in Streaming TV Players.  Smart phones now have apps that will play streaming content on your phone usually when connected to WiFi.  Tablet devices such as the iPad make great personal streaming TV viewers and many will act as a streaming player as you can connect them to your TV.

So just how do you get streaming TV.  No matter what streaming player/device you have the one thing in common is that they all need a high speed internet connection.  Once you have your high speed internet connection you have to decide on how you want to view your streaming TV content.   As mention above if you have a computer, smart phone or tablet you can already access streaming TV content.  If you have a computer you simply have to go to the streaming TV content provider's web site and sign up to view their content. If you want to use your smart phone or tablet you need to down load the streaming TV content providers app and then sign up for their service.  To get streaming TV onto your TV set you will need to get a streaming TV player. If you are in the market for a new TV look for one that has streaming TV player built in. If you are in the market for a blu-ray player look for one that has streaming TV apps built in.  When getting a new TV or blu-ray player for use make sure that the apps can be updated on line. As new streaming TV content providers come online its important that your streaming TV player be able to be updated with existing and new content provider's apps. 

If you want to connect your existing TV to streaming TV content you will need to get a dedicated streaming TV player.  The cost for these streaming TV players is constantly getting cheaper as new models and manufactures start producing them. You should be able to find a basic streaming TV player for under $50. Some popular brand streaming TV players are Apple TV, Boxee, Roku Player, D-Link Player, Sony Player, RCA Player, Netgear Player. As time goes on each of these manufactures will undoubtedly have several models to choose from with many different price points.

Connecting any of these streaming TV players to your TV is relatively easy. If you have ever connected a VHS, DVD or Blu-ray player to your TV you can connect your streaming TV player to your TV. provides an easy read on how to connect your streaming TV player to your TV set and get it connected to the internet and start streaming TV content to your TV.

Keep in mind that Streaming TV is not free TV.  There are many free content sites/providers like YouTube and many of the networks have Streaming TV sites. There are premium providers such as Hulu and Netflix and a host of others.  Each with its own advantages and disadvantages but offer streaming TV at less than $10 per month. A lot less than basic cable TV cost.

Currently the only disadvantages to Streaming TV is for Local live news broadcast,  live sports broadcast and other live or near live broadcast controlled by the networks. It’s just a matter of time before the preferred way of getting your TV is via Streaming TV and not through your Cable TV or Satellite TV provider.

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